Women Who Run With the Wolves

Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype.

When a book spends more than two years on the New York Times bestseller list, you would be safe to assume it strikes a chord in the hearts of its readers.   This book is more that just good soul food, it is a hearty spicy stew capable of restoring vitality to a tired spirit.  Pinkola Estes gives story as sustenance, as a Cantadora or  keeper of the old stories, she sings over our weary bones to bring us back to life.

For those unfamilar with Jungian analysts, Pinkola Estes is a wonderful place to start.  Through her soulful writing, you will experience both the wonder and the power of Jungian psychology. Both as magical and as medicine, a Jungian perspective is a rich source of healing that is barely tapped by our society.  Tapping into old myth and recontextualizing the story as strategic intent, this book provides a solid pathway forward into an uncertain future.

The healing power of story does not exist in a vacuum.  Story cannot exist divorced from its spiritual source. Pinkola Estes is a juicy guide in recovering our connection to universal principles – the source that defines the human race and has done so since the beginning of time. A story is not just a story – it is someone’s life in archetypal energy. Stories grow through our lives like the roots of a tree – our stories grow us into our our skin.  Through the gift of this amazing work, may you become the future storykeep that the elders have hoped for.

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