Corporate Religion

Another title that provokes attention – and with good reason.  Jesper Kunde is CEO of Kunde & Co., and his own corporate culture and his writings on the importance of culture have made his organization one to watch for in Scandinavia. Europe is much more advanced in the field of cultural due diligence and corporate culture design.  This book is about people and how you get them to work together in a unified spirit of purpose and direction.  Building your brand from the inside out creates a corporate religion.  Don’t let the word ‘religion’ scare you – religion comes from the latin religare which means “to link” or “to bind”.  So ask yourself, how are you linked to your organization? Or are you just putting in time?

Emotional values are replacing physical attributes as the most important market influence. If you are interesting in branding your organization or any other, this book proves an excellent resource.

Corporate Religion

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