Accelerating Out of the Great Recession

If you are wondering what is happening in the global economy, this book is for you.  Authors David Rhodes (London, UK) and Daniel Stelter (Berlin, Germany) are partners with The Boston Consulting Group.  In 2009, BCG conducted global surveys on the current business environment and received responses from 450 executives world-wide.  The result – a snapshot of what is necessary to not just survive, but prosper.

What I found most interesting was the emphasis on ethics and how this ‘new normal’ demands more from business leaders in terms of leadership behavior.  More than two-thirds of executives surveyed expect an increase in public scrutiny of business ethics and personal excesses, and these figures were even higher in the US and UK.  Personal fiefdoms and silos are out – collaboration across silos is mandatory.

It will be interesting to see when the business schools also adopt this new model!  The old business models no longer apply and those who fail to heed the writing on the wall will quickly realize that survival is optional.

Accelerating out of the Great Recession: How to Win in a Slow-Growth Economy

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