Strategic Use of Stories

In The Strategic Use of Stories in Organizational Communication and Learning, Terrence Gargiulo takes us through a working model for successful organizational storytelling. For anyone interested in using story as a powerful vehicle for elicting experiences in order to provide our imaginations with a canvas for knowledge transfer and learning, the working models provided are a great resource. Gargiulo provides nine functions of organizational storytelling as tools for transformation:

  1. to empower a speaker
  2. to create an environment
  3. to bind and bond individuals
  4. to support and maintain active listening
  5. to negotiate differences
  6. to encode information
  7. to act as a tool for thinking
  8. to act as a weapon
  9. to act as medicine for healing

The quickest path between yourself and another person is a story.  This book provides invaluable information as to why and how.

The Strategic Use of Stories in Organizational Communication and Learning

One thought on “Strategic Use of Stories

  1. This book looks an interesting read. I think it was Dale Carnegie who may have first suggested the technique of storytelling. How simple yet powerful it is! We all have stories just waiting to be unleashed, so you can imagine how effective a communication tool this is.

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