Inside Story

When you are in need of further inspiration as to how to use and develop your craft as a corporate storyteller, I always return to the world of film and screen/script writing.  For whether on film or in corporations, the principles of story remain the same.  One of my favourites is Inside Story by Dara Marks.  Not because she was a classmate of mine in graduate school, but because she is one of the leading script consultants in Hollywood.  I figure that if her approach can fix a bad movie, it might be of use in an organization that is struggling!  Enjoy.

Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc

One thought on “Inside Story

  1. Dara Marks’ book contains everything a screen writer needs to write a script with compelling characters tightly wrapped in thematic structure along plot points that move the story forward within a transformational arc for the protagonist including a triumphant climax for the hero or heroine of the story. I highly recommend her book for an aspiring or seasoned screen writer!

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