The Story Factor

Annette Simmons is well known in the world of corporate storytelling and her book, The Story Factor, is a classic.  In it, Simmons reminds us that the oldest tool of influence remains the most powerful form of communication at our disposal. It is easy to forget that organizations are also social systems and that work is a personal habitat of the individual. The Story Factor brings together three trends that have informed story construction from the beginning. First, storytelling is an art form which unleashes both cognitive and emotional thought process. Second, the realization by the business community that story brings the whole person into the process and in order for our organizations to thrive, whole people need to populate the landscape.  Lastly, story contains the old wisdom utilized by current psychologists -that solid relationship is the foundation of any successful enterprise. Telling stories shares experience – the missing component of knowledge management.

The Story Factor (2nd Revised Edition)

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