Documentary Storytelling

Back to the world of film to inform organizational storywork. Populated by informative case studies, this book contains valuable tools and techniques for building a short (or longer) documentary. Using the same principles as dramatic film, an organizational story needs the juicy components that hold a viewer’s attention throughout the story arc. When the film tells a story, when they engage you in the process of the story, then they work. Using visual representation allows you to access not only the outer state or reality, but the internal state, the emotional linkages that hold us in the storywork itself. One role of documentary storytelling is to provide your public with a basis for conversation, a basic and accurate understanding of what are the issues in a particular context. What seems important, who is compelling and how should your story be structured? Good questions. Answers within the book!

Documentary Storytelling, Second Edition: Making Stronger and More Dramatic Nonfiction Films

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