Wisdom of the Psyche

For those of you interested in depth psychology, here is a new offering that I think you will enjoy.  I had the pleasure of seeing Ginette Paris in action at the Jung Society in Calgary this past weekend. Ginette was one of my favourite professors at Pacifica Graduate Institute – an accomplished writer, an insightful psychologist and one of the leaders in the field of depth psychology. It was a highly enjoyable way to spend a weekend – I feel energized and refreshed! Who could ask for more?

Her most recent book, Wisdom of the Psyche, speaks to the relationship between depth psychology and neuroscience – how they differ and how they relate.  She explores the question of what belongs to science and what belongs to the humanities in the quest for identity and healing. Ginette also speaks to her brush with death after suffering a brain injury in 2002 and how she witnessed from the inside-out how the brain heals itself.

Perhaps Jungian analyst James Hillman says it best: “Emotionally personal, immediately useful, surprisingly original, beautifully deep, this page-turning read also turns the pages into a new century of psychology. What an achievement!”

Wisdom of the Psyche: Depth Psychology after Neuroscience

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