A Fair Country

John Ralston Saul is a new author in my library.  Why it took me this long to find him – well, maybe reading too many business books!  A Fair Country is a great read – thought provoking, sometimes irritating and accurate (at least in my mind) of its interpretation of CanadaCanadians are like icebergs in that we may appear simple on the surface but are in reality very complex people.  A Fair Country helps to understand this complexity and begin to explore what it really means to be “Canadian”.  This is a book that I will ensure that every student I teach reads. Every entrepreneur should have this book on their desk. Why? To help us find comfort in our own skin.  The author says it best:

“When Canadians are asked — as citizens, not as representatives of interest groups or employees — what lies at the heart of their civilization, they are most likely to reply: fairness and inclusion.”

“As for Canadians, we would find ourselves for the first time thinking about our legitimacy in a way that is true to this place and to its people.”

A Fair Country: Telling Truths About Canada (See all Politics Books)

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