About Me


“A lucid gateway to Joseph Campbell’s monomyth of the hero’s journey,
particularly as it can be applied to one’s career. Ginger Grant is a excellent
interpreter of this invaluable but sometimes rather difficult body of work. I
recommend her highly.”
William Gibson, best-selling author of Pattern Recognition

My passion is story – how to capture it, use it, and understand it. Narrative tells the world about you – not just your CV or history but what you stand for – what you believe in.  I came to story from the world of mergers and acquisitions and business intelligence – due diligence.  What I found missing from this area was an understanding of the role of culture in an organization and how it impacts economic viability.  So, I searched for and found a school started by Joseph Campbell that studied story and how its power has changed our world since the beginning of time.  While writing my dissertation on cultural due diligence I was lucky enough to join with an amazing creativity cluster called “Creativity in Business”.  Started at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in the early 1980’s by founder Michael Ray,  this unique MBA program shifted business thinking towards a philosophy of transformation and it still is going strong with our creativity consulting team.
Corporate culture consists of people, and in order to transform a culture – you must start from those who carry it every day. By collecting and celebrating the journey of a single person,  you are able to celebrate the journey of a tribe who share the same values.  What carries the meaning, emotion and values-in-action of the tribe is story.  Story creates your corporate culture. Culture drives performance.  Performance creates economic viability.
This is my opus – my life work – the stories of design-driven innovation that fuel our economy.
Short and Sweet:
– design and delivery of values-based leadership development programs  (15+ years)
– generational diversity and values-based programs (15+ years)
– design and delivery of talent management programs (10+ years)
– executive coaching (C-suite – 10+ years)
– change management programs (10+ years)
– university teaching (10+ years)
Consulting engagements range from designing a course in creativity for an airline management team, values-based leadership programs for provincial and federal government employees, design charrette for a place brand, organizational design for middle managers with an international resource-based conglomerate, values-based leadership program for a power company, experiential marketing and digital storytelling with an R&D medical research firm, and a leadership development program for lawyers (partners and associates).
If you are interested in a keynote or workshops, here is a downloadable file containing some popular examples and references from previous clients.  It’s a large pdf file so give it some time!