Heroic Journey: Finding Your Creative Core


In hard economic times, the ability to enhance creativity and innovation in any organization are of primary importance. What are the barriers to personal creativity and innovation in your organization? How do you overcome them?  By finding and developing your creative core – the source of the imagination.
By sharpening your creative edge, you can develop collaborative tools for transformation towards top performing teams and maintaining enthusiasm and full engagement in the workplace. Using techniques from the science of memetics and visual analytics, a presentation style will be demonstrated that can increase your ability to communicate complex data with a storytelling methodology. Based in the Stanford Creativity in Business program, these tools have a proven track record of building creativity and innovation in both people and organizations.
Discussion points and Outcomes:
  •  enhance your ability to suspend judgment and overcome barriers to the creative process
  • recognize the key factors required for personal creativity
  • increase confidence in your creative abilities
  • explore the four tools of creative thinking established at the Stanford Business School in the “Creativity in Business” program
  • learn how to apply a series of creative techniques at work
  • develop strategies and retention plans for key employees using a creative focus and values-based methodology

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