Legacy Leadership


When your assets have feet, it becomes imperative for organizations to develop strategies to build and sustain a climate which actively supports knowledge transfer and succession planning.  This workshop provides a comprehensive and practical introduction to understanding the importance of mentoring. It shows how mentoring mediates between organizational values, behaviour change and effective decision-making, and shows how all of these elements are vital to accomplishing ongoing professional development.
Strategic Mentorship uses a strengths-based orientation to leverage both the natural strengths and abilities of the mentor as well as those being mentored.
Discussion points and Outcomes:
  • analyze your role in exemplifying corporate culture
  • set your philosophy and intention in the mentoring relationship
  • understand leadership and organizational transformation
  • selection and implementation of fundamental assessment strategies and techniques
  • development of the long-term mentoring relationship to develop in the mentee capacities essential for higher leadership responsibilities and positions in organizations.


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