ReVisioning Retirement


Approximately half of our current workforce is facing retirement. In some organizations, numbers are higher. How can we re-vision the idea of retirement that permits retention of organizational knowledge as well as meet the needs of those who wish to retire?
Our quick fix – one-step modern civilization provides us with every convenience to get ahead, advance and develop. If this is true, why are so many people voicing dissatisfaction with their lives and where they are? Perhaps we’ve become more focused with the destination rather than the journey. We’ve become distracted with the making of plans, rather than the living of life.
Approaching the second half of life can be a challenge but also provides immense opportunity. Acquiring a clearer understanding of your own journey ultimately provides you with an understanding and respect of the journey of others. This understanding opens the lines of communication and opens new opportunities to engage, collaborate and grow – in all areas of your life.
This session focuses on methods to motivate and develop alternative retirement plans that fit both the organization and the employee. Learn how re-visioning retirement can enhance an employer of choice program. To re-vision retirement means to re-vision a new beginning, perhaps even crafting a new career.
Key discussion points and Outcomes:
• learn how to extend your brand through alternative retirement programs
• identify and target key employees for knowledge retention
• build knowledge banks and human capital
• enhance both your employee and customer experience

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