Tapping Power of Generational Diversity



We have four (and almost five!) competing generations in the workforce – all of which have a different value system. Miscommunication, confusion and conflict arise when people of different generations or cultures work together. How then do you optimize team performance? Understanding your own cultural and generational assumptions and communication style is the first step. This workshop will show you how to establish a cultural/generational framework by which managers can enhance the creative effects of generational diversity.  The use of archetypal keys unlocks the door in understanding the differences across generations.
Discussion Points and Outcomes:
  • understand the motives of those you seek to lead
  • understand how your own behaviour contributes to team performance
  • develop ability to recognize opportunities and avoid pitfalls in generational diversity
  • focus on key challenges and formulate a challenge statement to focus efforts
  • discover how to work with the science of archetypal keys and cultural memes
  • gain new insight into the people issues that effect business outcomes
  • set specific goals to help you navigate five generations in the workforce

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