Corporate Storytelling: A Competitive Advantage

Steve_Jobs_Almost_everything falls_away_in_the_face of_death


Even when corporate values are articulated, they often do not lead to aligned behaviours. Part of what is missing is example: walking the talk and providing meaningful examples for employees at all organizational levels. Part of what is also missing is a meaningful way to create shared passion for corporate values. The use of narrative, or storytelling sets examples, inspires, and elicits stories in response — in other words, shared passion and aligned values. All great leaders are great storytellers and for many, the story lives on.
In this workshop, you will learn how to become a more effective communicator and drive your competitive advantage.
Discussion points and Outcomes: 
  • recognize the tacit values of your organization in your corporate stories
  • understand the relationship of corporate values, behaviours and corporate stories through the constructive power of authenticity
  • practice a fourfold coaching model that applies not only to storytelling but to coaching and mentoring
  • give and receive feedback to enhance your natural storytelling strengths
  • design, deliver and leave with a story you can tell

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