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In the same way that the most of the bulk of an iceberg lies beneath the surface, forces that really determine our effectiveness at work encompass those “soft”, intangible factors that linear, analytical mindsets find hard to quantify and acknowledge as real. And yet without capturing emotional commitment, no lasting change can take place. Enter the proven Stanford “Creativity in Business” model – a depth psychology approach combining strategic intent with operational tactics and bringing ideas into action.
“I would not be where I am today, with the wonderful life I’ve been given, without this course. And I am not alone in this experience. Not a year goes by when I do not run into other graduates who feel just as I do, grateful that they had the course early in their lives. We did not know it at the time, but the experience would be the first step in a lifelong journey … finding and pursuing with courage and perseverance one’s highest goal.”
Jim Collins, best-selling author of Good to Great and Built to Last

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