Creativity in Business Executive Program


“If you want to tap the enormous inner resources you have within you, you must, I believe, rely on myth, story and metaphor to bring out who you are at core and the highest purpose of your life. But how do you do that? Use, don’t just read, this workbook. In it, Ginger Grant guides you to experiencing your life as a Hero’s Journey. She is a master teacher sharing exercises that you can use in a practical way to bring out your best in everyday life. This is life-changing, world-changing, absorbing and fun — especially if used with guidance on your own search for meaning and contribution in life.”
– Michael Ray, PhD.
Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Coaching is all about YOU. What you are most passionate about.  What you can be world-class at.  The combination of the two is the foundation of the Stanford “Creativity in Business” program.  The challenges you face are complex, demands on your time are many, and you want to take your ideas into action.  Working with a coach enables you to take time for yourself and focus on what you want to achieve.  It’s about finding your creative core and achieving competitive advantage.
How to enhance your creative potential?  My work in executive coaching is based in the Stanford Creativity in Business program because it is fractal in nature.  I love being part of the team that brings these ideas into our place of work. The Program can be delivered in several ways – usually over a three or six month period.  Why over time?  A simple and yet very important answer.  It takes three months to rewire the brain for behavior change.  It starts with an advanced leadership assessment which forms the basis of how the program will be customized to fit YOU.  Stretch-goals are discussed and chosen for implementation. You decide whether 1 hour per week for 12 weeks or 1/2 hour per week for 24 weeks suits your agenda.  And then we begin.
I recognize that each individual is a unique combination of talents and experiences.  Individual creativity can become overwhelmed by day-to-day pressures but can be reawakened and leveraged for enhanced personal and professional performance. I work with select clients who are determined to build their organizations from the inside out, who know that the ‘soft’ skills are the hardest to master and are determined to make a difference in personal and professional life.

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