For Book Addicts Everywhere

I write about books I am reading, have read, and am reading again. Books that live in my library.  Books that feed imagination and stimulate ideas into actionable results.
The books will be tagged into various categories – so you can play where you will.  My favourite places to play include:
  1. Jungian and post-Jungian or archetypal psychology.  I have a tee-shirt that reads: “Avoid Freud” on one side and “Forever Jung” on the other.  So, warning.  I am very biased!
  2. The world of business – my background is in business and my education is in mythology and psychology.  The two really can fit together through design-driven innovation.
  3. Corporate Storytelling – why and how it works.
  4. Story in general – playing in the narrative field and how it has driven change in our world since the beginning of time.
  5. Creativity Clusters – how to build them. How to maintain them.  Why we need them.
  6. Branding.  The emotional connection to places, people and things.