Molecules of Emotion

If you ever wondered what role emotion plays in consumer behavior or just human behavior, this book would be a great addition to your library.  Candace Pert is an internationally recognized expert, a neuroscientist whose extraordinary career began with her 1972 discovery of the opiate receptor in the brain and neuropeptides – the molecules of emotion in our brain and body. She appeared as one of the experts in Bill Moyers 1993 PBS video production, “Healing and the Mind” and many other segments on how our brains process information and emotion.  So how does this chemical soup affect our brain and behavior?  Interesting to find out!!

From Google Books:

“The journey Pert takes us on in Molecules of Emotion is one of personal as well as scientific discovery. Woven into her lucid explanations of the science underlying her work is the remarkable story of how, faced with personal and professional obstacles, she has grown as a woman and a mother and how her personal and spiritual development has made possible her remarkable scientific career. Molecules of Emotion is a landmark work, full of insight and wisdom and possessing that rare power to change the way we see the world and ourselves. Pert’s striking conclusion that it is our emotions and their biological components that establish the crucial link between mind and body does not, however, serve to repudiate modern medicine’s gains; rather, her findings complement existing techniques by offering a new scientific understanding of the power of our minds and our feelings to affect our health and well-being.”

Molecules Of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine

Check out a new documentary special coming out that explores some of the best in brain/behavior research.

Wake Me Up When the Data is Over

If there was a prize for the best title of a book, I vote for this one.  Lori Silverman has compiled a juicy feast of over 70 organizations that use story as a tool for organizational development. Drawing on interviews with over 171 public and private sector leaders, this book goes beyond just storytelling to providing five important keys in making story work for you.

1.  how to find existing stories in circulation

2. how to dig into them to find patterns

3. how to craft a memorable story

4. how to select the stories that further operational goals; and

5. how to embody the story to postively impact people’s attitudes and behaviors.

An easy read and an entertaining one!  Great addition to a beach bag – except in Vancouver where Junuary has struck.  I have faith that the sun will eventually return and thank the story gods for a national conference at the end of the month in Toronto.  A fun trip with a great topic – keynote will be on storytelling in organizations and workshops on storytelling as a fundraising tool for non-profits.  I have my sunscreen already packed!

Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results