The New How

In our changing business landscape, a new map is necessary. In The New How, author Nilofer Merchant explores the mandatory role of collaboration – and why going tribal creates business solutions that provide competitive advantage.  Merchant claims that the best strategy is one that is driven by employees at all levels and across all business silos.  Novel concept!  Working together.  Why do we need this reminder?  Engaging employees means getting people to talk to each other – not in a political sense, but an authentic one. Main message?  Don’t tolerate behavior that limits collaboration. I know that is where I want to work!

The New How: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy

Managing by Values

Before writing Beyond, Simon Dolan and friends predicted the fundamental change required in order for us to pull out of the recession – and that is a return to ethical standards in business.  Novel concept.  In Managing by Values, the authors explore why values can position an organization for competitive success. They provide a strategic leadership tool and practical applications to mine market potential.   This book is indicative of why ESADE business school in Barcelona is one of the best.

The book gives a step-by-step implementation guide to working with values in any organizational setting.  A true competitive edge!

Managing by Values: A Corporate Guide to Living, Being Alive, and Making a Living in the 21st Century