Story: Substance, Structure and Style

If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend attending one of Robert McKee’s Story Seminars.  If you can’t, then this book is second best.  In it, McKee outlines what makes a great story – elements, principles of story design, and the writer and relationship to story.  Employing examples from over 100 films, McKee shows how to use form, not formula.  Transforming the craft of screen writing into an art form, he shows us the subtle considerations necessary to make a story memorable. Beat by beat, the emotional map is laid out for us to follow.  An excellent practical example of how story works.

Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting

Corporate Legends and Lore

Some books are oldies but goodies.  Peg Neuhauser has been writing about corporate storytelling long before it became popular.  In Corporate Legends & Lore, she explores the power of storytelling as a management tool.  Whether your organization is large or small, stories have the power to motivate and inspire – to improve morale, build trust and strengthen the culture of the workplace.  In this work she provides many examples of corporate cultures that use story and storytelling to protect their heritage and shape destiny.

Corporate Legends and Lore: The Power of Storytelling As a Management Tool

Also available in DVD as part of the Stanford Executive Briefing Series. A great addition for workshops or seminars within your organization.

Corporate Legends and Lore: The Power of Storytelling as a Management Tool (Stanford Executive Briefings Series)