Travel Tours

To be an innovative leader requires a particular mind-set.  One that is open to experience, adaptive to changing circumstances, courageous and strategic in scope.  An innovative leader inspires others to willingly follow.
The Hero’s Journey is a path towards transformational leadership. It is a path that has been followed throughout the ages towards something that calls a leader beyond current every-day life towards the spirit of creativity itself. The Hero’s Journey is for those who manage change and all the inherent challenges that change brings. The Hero’s Journey is as old as time and as new as tomorrow’s corporate culture. It is a map worth following.
The function of the Hero is to chart untested waters, to make a map that others may follow.  To do so requires the power of imagination. Never before in our history have we had a workforce of four and soon five, generation with competing value systems. In our exploration of current myths, those myths that are among us, we have chosen a variety of personal journeys – a series of travel tours like no other. We combine the ancient mythologies of specific civilizatons, the personal perspectives of our participants and an archetypal psychological approach to living a myth and what it means to everyday life. Our aim is to find the myths we live by and then explore them in a current context that informs future strategy. We deliver sustainable learning that provides proven results and custom-design tours/cruises upon request.
If you are interested in a tour or cruise, please give us a call and we will be pleased to discuss details.

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