Why Story?

Working with story gives you a framework for transformation – whether it is an individual, an organization or a community. The stages of the Journey were originally mapped by Joseph Campbell in his book “Hero with a Thousand Faces”. Picked up by George Lucas, this story structure was used to build Star Wars.
Test this structure on your favourite movie. You will find this theme runs through movies that are loved for a well-told story is timeless.
Capturing the emotion of the Journey is something that the human race has been drawn to since the beginning of time.
Consider your own life journey. In what stage are you currently residing? If you are not the Hero of your own story, who is?
Questions to Ponder:
1.  What calls to you?  What do you hunger for that you cannot name? What is your legacy yet undone?
2.  How do you initiate your entry into the Journey? What rituals have you adopted or are considering? Quitting your job, returning to school, moving to a new location – all are rites of passage to be acknowledged.
3.  What difficulties do you face? What challenges lie ahead?
4.  How will you know when you have made this transformation?
5.  How do you celebrate the transformation?  Remember to stop and celebrate!
6. How do you tell the story? and to whom?
7.  What new adventures await you?  Now, once again, you return to the beginning – the cycle of life continues.

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