My Writes of Passage

Writing is a labor of love and to a certain extent, you have to be a little crazy to embark upon the journey.  But, nevertheless, for me it was started a long time ago. I think first when I could hold my crayons and started making little books.  Tried poetry around the third grade – it didn’t take very well so was abandoned.  Reading always was a constant companion but my attempts at writing faded as I entered adulthood – jobs, marriage, the world of obligations.
Mid-life crisis drove me back to school.  I had a successful business career, I wanted to study what intrigued me, fascinated me, held my interest above all else – psychology.  I found and fell in love with Pacifica Graduate Institute – the home of the Joseph Campbell Archives, the repository of the works of James Hillman, Maria Gimbutas and Marion Woodman.  To study with the leading scholars in the field of mythology, depth and archetypal psychology.  To have an educational experience that made me love learning more.  To never have a professor read a power point slide as if that replaced the art and craft of teaching.  To learn from academic masters and to transform the way I work. As a mid-life crisis went, it was excellent! and exactly what I needed to step into my own skin.