Finding Your Creative Core – 2nd Edition 2014

After my first foray into theory, this book was a joy to write! although just as hard to bring to life (methinks procrastination had something to do with it).  This book was birthed by many sources, especially by the hundreds of participants in workshops on the Hero’s Journey. It is a continuation of my own exploration of the many paths available to walk. Joseph Campbell is and will always be one of my most treasured teachers.  I hope that this small offering continues in the same spirit – to recognize and celebration the power of myth. Campbell advises us to ‘follow your bliss’.  May this offering guide the way!

The work of C.G. Jung continues to inspire deeper questions and exploration into new territory – especially into the world of business. I find it dangerous territory that demands heroic deeds – especially in our current economic times. To change the world of business requires a working map of possibility and potential. We need to revision the way we work and return to the power of the creative imagination.

Michael Ray, Lorna Catford, David Miller, Dennis Slattery, James Hillman, Marion Woodman, James Hollis and many other master storytellers too numerous to mention continue to act as mentors for my Journey.  I gratefully build on their generous and creative spirits.  Any errors or omissions are my own.  Most importantly, this book is dedicated to students of life everywhere and in particular, to the students at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.  When my soul is starving, you feed me.


If you want to tap the enormous inner resources you have within you, you must, I believe, rely on myth, story and metaphor to bring out who you are at core and the highest purpose of your life. But how do you do that? Use, don’t just read, this workbook. In it Ginger Grant guides you to experiencing your life as a hero’s journey. She is a master teacher sharing exercises that you can use in a practical way to bring out your best in everyday life. This is life-changing, world changing, absorbing, and fun — especially if used with guidance on your own search for meaning and contribution in life.

– Michael Ray, PhD., bestselling author of “Creativity in Business”,
the first John G. McCoy-Banc One Corporation Professor of Creativity and Innovation (Emeritus), Stanford Graduate School of Business

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