ReVisioning the Way We Work 2005

Re-Visioning The Way We Work: A Heroic Journey

Driven by my PhD. dissertation on building a cultural due diligence system to drive organizational change, this book maps Jung’s Psychological Drive Theory through the stages of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.  First half is theoretical : the second half contains the stories of organizations that I have worked with who use this type of deep structural transformation.  I tried to mix the academic rigor I was taught with my lived experience of corporate life.

Not for the faint-hearted! Jungian theory is complex – but worth the effort when you have time and inclination.  The main body of my approach to organizational transformation comes from Volume 8 of the Collected Works of C.G. Jung – The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche.  For those Jungian devotees out there, my work centers on paragraphs 232-251. For those who are beginning the exploration of the collected works, Jung is always cited by paragraph – not page number. This book is devoted to the scholars that follow who wish to use the psychology of creativity to help transform the way we work.

From the Back Cover:

The tools of business are dynamic – capital, people, markets and ideas – all are living entities in a constant state of flux. To take these tools – to work with them and recognize them in new and different ways to produce a positive effect in your life and your organization – is the essence of the creative process. How to get there? This work will provide a working map for the journey toward your own potential.


A lucid gateway to Joseph Campbell’s monomyth of the hero’s journey, particularly as it can be applied to one’s career. Ginger Grant is an excellent interpreter of this invaluable but sometimes rather difficult body of work. I recommend her highly.

– William Gibson, bestselling author of Pattern Recognition

A most remarkable technique born of a most remarkable vision! This book grounds the world of business management and corporate organization in a mythological psychology. It demonstrates practically a way to give creativity and imagination to the real life of the workplace. A unique and important contribution to the field!

– David Miller, PhD., Watson-Ledden Professor (Emeritus), Syracuse University

Ginger Grant’s creative reimagining of the workplace promises any who will consider her mythic approach to ‘doing business’ a more flexible and humane corridor out of the stilted and calcified set of rules and formats that govern its behavior. Her leading impulse, that the corporate ethos will change dramatically only when it understands and accepts its own functioning mythology, promises to reanimate the place where we spend the best energies of our lives.

– Dennis Patrick Slattery, PhD., bestselling author of Grace in the Desert and The Wounded Body

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