Sheridan “Voices” Project

This is a collaborative project between Sheridan Production House (film and animation) and the Faculty of Business and my debut as an Executive Producer. The Sheridan Film and Animation School is the top training school in the world – and these videos are an example of what the students are capable of when given some great stories. What happens when you combine passion, purpose and an economic driver?  These are the stories of industry leaders from behind the scenes that are seldom told. Hope you enjoy them!

Why Passion and Purpose?

Playing with animation!

Linda Sormin – Ceramics

If art imitates life, should life then imitate art?
In this episode of Sheridan “Voices” we meet Linda Sormin, Head of the Ceramics Department at Sheridan College. Linda describes her “connectedness” to her work: something each of us might emulate, whatever our trade. Linda reinforces the importance of hands-on experience, focus upon the process, pushing the envelope and taking risks as part of creativity: all working towards achieving strong outcomes. Pride of work and pride of craft come through loud and clear. Linda shows that work is not just about a job…it is a reflection of self……..a vehicle for self-expression. As seen before in the “Voices” project, passion and pride of work makes for better experiences all around.

Chris Walsh – Stop Motion Animation

The art of animation requires attention to detail along with sharp design and storytelling skills. Beyond those technical skills however, it is truly a labor of love for the craft: with a dedication to patiently make the images and puppets come to life. In this, the first episode of “Sheridan Voices”, Sheridan’s-own Chris Walsh speaks from the heart about his journey which has seen him graduate from the College, work in industry and then return to his College to work with the animators of tomorrow. Lucky are those who can work on something that they love. Listen to Chris as he talks about his passion and what drives him each day in his teaching and stop motion animation projects.
Production Manager – Prionnsias Murphy
Production Co-ordinator – Ash Xavier
Director, Producer — Connor Illsley
Assistant Director — Bea Macapagal
Director of Photography — Lucas Joseph
Editor — Haya Waseem
Sound Recordist — Kristi McIntyre
1st Assistant Camera — Savanna Slonimski
Gaffer — Carly Williams
Production Designer — Natalia Atlija
Animation — Laura Sloan & Derek Ainsworth
Graphics – Brian Pieur
Executive Producer — Ginger Grant
Executive Producer — Graham Moores

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